What we look for

We’re looking for a team fit to the culture of the business, with a specific focus on putting the customer first. We look for people who are prepared to embrace problems and see them as an opportunity to make improvements.

We are a diverse and complex business, so analysis skills and the ability to build relationships with colleagues and customers are key for us in our culture. A focus on delivering results is important and as quality is fundamental to our culture both in service and products, we look for people with great organisational skills, the ability to self manage and the drive to exceed customer expectations.

Using our set of Volkswagen Financial Services competencies we actively seek candidates who:


Develop and share of knowledgeActively seek new knowledge and experiences and share this with others to achieve business objectives.
Engage in process orientationUse efficient and effective processes to achieve business objectives and create these where they don't exist.
Have problem-solving skillsIdentify problems at an early stage, analyse the cause and take action or makes recommendations for future prevention.
Have a high quality of workWork in an efficient manner and maintain a high standard during times of high workload.
Show leadershipAchieve great results through directing, supporting and coaching their team, providing active guidance and support for their personal development.
CooperateAre team players, sharing information and best practice, with the ability to provide and accept constructive criticism.
CommunicateCommunicate clearly and concisely and demonstrate the ability to listen and seek feedback rather than simply informing others.
Convince, influence and assertPresent their case in a logical and factual manner and seek to understand others' perspectives and needs to gain buy-in.
Satisfy customersConstantly seek to improve customer satisfaction and deliver the best service possible.
Are economical and efficientUse available resources as efficiently as possible re-using resources where possible.
Engaging and self-drivenAre enthusiastic in performing their role and motivate and encourage others.
Show responsibilityAre accountable for their actions, proactively help colleagues and go beyond their job description when required.