Business finance

Every business is different and dependant upon individual circumstances. We offer a range of finance plans, some of which are more suitable to business use compared to those used by a private individual customer.

So it's important to choose the right option for acquiring your car or fleet, or you could find it seriously affecting your bottom line.


Volkswagen Financial Services offer the following types of business finance:

Contract Hire

The Contract Hire payment plan allows you to hire vehicles as opposed to owning them. This way, the concern of issues such as residual values or selling the vehicle when the finance term is up is alleviated.

How Contract Hire works

A Contract Hire agreement from Volkswagen Financial Services is for business users only and can run for a period between 1 to 4 years.

Contract Hire is classified as an operating lease for current taxation purposes; therefore it is regarded differently to 'purchase' contracts, so you may benefit from certain tax advantages. Also, if you are a VAT registered business, a proportion of the rentals may be tax deductible. Your financial or tax advisor should be able to advise you if this applies.

With Contract Hire, you'll now receive the complimentary Driverline service that provides you with a single contact number for all your motoring needs.

An example video from one of our brands Audi, explaining Audi Contract Hire.

Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase is a payment method developed specially for business users who would like the option of owning their fleet at the end of its finance term.

How Lease Purchase works

You choose the repayment schedule – which can be anything between 1 and 4 years – and delay paying some of the car’s cost until the end of the agreement.

Furthermore, if your business is not VAT registered, then Lease Purchase could be an even more attractive option. Your financial or tax advisor should be able to advise you if this applies.

Finance Lease

Finance Lease is a hire agreement with features specifically designed for the business user, and if you are VAT registered, there may be even more financial reasons why leasing is for you.

How Finance Lease works

Once you have chosen a new car, you can decide on a lease period of between one and four years. When the agreement ends, and subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement being met, you may arrange to sell the vehicle to a third party on VWFS’ behalf and may receive a rebate on the rentals.

As this is a lease, it is regarded differently to a purchase contract. For tax purposes, a Finance Lease enables you to benefit from certain tax advantages. A proportion of all the rentals can be claimed as business expense against taxable profits and the proportion is dependent on the price of the car being leased.

Your financial or tax advisor should be able to advise you of how Finance Lease could benefit you.

Company car and van tax calculator

It can be advantageous to look into the tax benefits a company car can provide your business. To help you do this, we have provided an easy to use company car tax calculator, which allows you to calculate the benefit-in-kind value of your chosen vehicle and its likely monthly tax implications.

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