Retail finance

We have two main retail finance products that are carried within all our retail outlets across the Volkswagen Group.

Solutions Personal Contract Plans

Solutions is all about you. Not everybody has the cash to put down a large deposit on a car, so by placing a small initial sum and deferring a portion of the vehicle’s total value until the end of the term, a Solutions personal contract plan may prove a flexible alternative.

How Solutions works

This method not only offers a number of options for reducing your motoring expenditure or timescale of your repayments, but also allows you to stipulate your own repayment period, which can be anything between 18 and 42 months. It’s about you and what you want.

Whether you want to drive the latest model or upgrade, Volkswagen Financial Services can help with the solution. You could even be able to drive a higher specification vehicle for the same money you intended to spend on hire purchase.

The real benefit of the Solutions product is its flexibility. When the term is up, there are three options open to you:

  • Either pay the outstanding amount and own your car
  • Return your car, subject to terms and conditions
  • Part-exchange your car and begin another arrangement on a new vehicle

An example video from one of our brands Audi, explaining Audi Solutions.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is a really simple, affordable and straightforward route to ownership. You pay a larger deposit and then equal monthly payments over the period of the agreement. Once all of the payments have been made, you become the owner of the vehicle. By paying the same each month it’s easy to stay in budget.

With a 10% deposit, we'll organise your fixed monthly payments or you can have an individual tailored plan, spread between 12 months to 5 years. With Hire Purchase, your budget stays in control and you can relax.

How Hire Purchase Works

  • Choose the vehicle and repayment period that's right for you
  • Agree the monthly payments to suit your budget
  • Pay an initial deposit to start the agreement
  • The balance is then divided equally depending on the length of term and after the final payment you own your vehicle

How you benefit

  • Own the vehicle within your budget
  • Choose from longer repayments - up to five years